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RTZ:KKy是秘密沉沦的元凶 Puppey是真正的大师

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  -Puppey is the best, most dedicated, most consistent player he has ever played with. Arteezy said he has nothing but good things to say about him.


  -He said that s4 plays amazingly when he is in a comfortable environment. In other words, when cancerous players are around him, he tilts just a little bit. Arteezy said s4 is a great teammate and that he deserves better than the Team Secret Drama.

  S4在能让他感到舒服的环境里简直无所不能(他原话是S4 is a beast),所以如果团队里有毒瘤存在S4的表现就会比较挣扎。RTZ认为S4应该属于更好的团队而不是秘密这种内讧氛围。

  -He said that Zai is one of the best players he has ever played with and he would love to be on a team with him again.


  -His only beef was with Kuroky. He said that he is prideful. During the final Secret game of TI he said he told Kuroky that Darkseer needed a support to guard him. He blamed himself partially for that dispute, but at that point he was done.


  -He said that the reason he was hesitant to do a "real talk" was because people wouldn't change their minds about him. They would think RTZ is just a young cocky teenager and Kuroky was calm and respectful all the time because that's how he behaves in interviews. "People think somebody is a saint and it's annoying. A lot of the blame is misguided."

  他对这次吐露真言是犹豫的,因为人们对他的一向印象就是他是个自大的熊孩子,而kuro在所有公众场合和访谈里都表现的冷静成熟令人尊敬。 引号里quote的是他的原句“人们执着于相信某个人是个圣人导致舆论被误导,这非常令人讨厌”

  -He said that his decision to leave EG was a mistake. He said it was prideful and unfair to his teammates. He also said his previous complaints about them were so minor. Overall he regretted Team Secret. (mostly because of Kuroky)


  “i could've tried harder...i could've tried to support s4 more, tried to control my hate for kuro, but i didn't; i raged and probably contributed to secret's elimination”


  他刚刚一场11死的蓝猫硬生生刷了起来惊天翻盘,他说puppy和K神也出现了矛盾 “even puppey realizes that there are problems with kuro now”, 结合前段时间puppy在twitter上对kuroky取关看来这对蜜月辅助组合确实出现了问题。

  even if secret won ti, i would still have left to play for eg. even if eg got last place, which obviously wouldn't happen but...the whole decision to leave eg was selfish...it was because i didn't want to work out a problem. shit happens and you learn from it everyone thinks someone is a saint, but they're not. they form an impression based on how they appear online, in streams or interviews. you can't make an impression like that; you make one when you discuss something you're both passionate about" rtz says the finger pointing incident was him telling kuro that they had to stay together in lane he says he does like Kemal says he doesn't know where s4 will go and that he "wants to play support" "no matter what I do or say about my time in secret, most people's impressions of me are already set. but i am not alone in what i say, pretty much the whole team...


  he said he didn't know anything about the aui kick except the fact of the matter, because he wasn't a part of eg, but then tells chat that they weren't part of the team either and can't judge "it's a lose-lose situation for me...because when people think about me they think cocky teenager, but when they think about kuro they think humble...philosophical...professional...so all this real talk or whatever doesn't mean anything. puppey already talked to me about this stuff...i'm not sure if he wants to get into the drama but i'm sure he agrees with me


  i didn't fire any shots at puppey...puppey is a boss. everyday he'd watch lots of replays and figure out the best way for us to play...a true boss...he doesn't fall into the mindset that most dota 1 pros do...he always tries to adapt to new metas...even when navi was a shitshow i'm sure he was the one holding it together...like i'm sure there was beef even before ti3 finals but puppey the BOSS held it together and never let his ego get to him




  Generally I stay out of these kindergarten antics, since I find it unnecessary, but I'd like to air my thoughts just a little bit here.

  Truth be told there's no bad blood between me and Arteezy, he's just a very talented teenager, but a young mind, changes his thoughts about who the bad apple is in the team every few weeks. Well, I was young and emotional at one time as well.

  Really everything happened very quickly, we lost and tried to find a scapegoat, this time it was my turn. I honestly dont blame him, he's just very emotionally invested in Dota and especially TI, so a knee-jerk reaction like this is no surprise. If you follow his Twitter a bit you notice how emotional he can be, it's pretty much his medium to process his thoughts and daily events/occurrences. This generation...

  However, it's not easy being young and "world famous", so I'm asking for a little consideration for his behavior. Add to that he's extremely ambitious, TI is the yearly heart-breaker, so in my opinion it's good to be patient. Arteezy is an alright guy, we were all teenagers once and we didn't always handle difficult situations well.


  My performance was suboptimal in the last few games, Arteezy being energetic as he is (oftentimes angry), has to channel/vent his emotions, typically the teammates are the easiest target... like in your average pub game. And the relation between carry and support you all know as well, it's the most vulnerable. After the second game I told him that I checked the rune and that Storm picked up a convenient Haste rune, which is why he got wound up. I told him to relax, but that typically just makes things worse for people on edge, you lose control and it escalates.

  I think because of me and his resentment towards me, that he somehow managed to fit the puzzle pieces together in his head and came to a conclusion, to each their own. In a few months everything will be back to normal, assuming he does a little reflecting on things. I sincerely wish so for him, because in my opinion he's one of the best Dota 2 players, and the only thing holding him back is himself and his attitude towards the team. Nothing is achieved by accusing people, we won four tournaments in a row, all eyes were on us, our meta game was broken, you win you lose, just the way it goes in every sport. Either you band together and solve the problems, skill is not the problem, as the results have proven thus far... or you completely overreact.


  After our elimination I've tried to discuss things with him for the following 3-4 days, he ignored me and much rather, as he often likes to do, vented on the Internet. I even asked Zai and 1437 to act as an intermediary, but mister Babaev remained stubborn. I think it's a shame, because I actually enjoyed having him, but yeah, like I said I understand why he acts like this.

  I'm not going to go mix myself further into this business/drama, he's an Internet figure and I dont want to get sucked into the attention vortex surrounding him, I'm simply not the type of person for that. I wish him the best, I hope he snaps to it and talks with me personally, if he did then none of this would've been necessary.



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